Kar Hoe’s Blog – [GUIDE] Upgrading HTC Tornado to Windows Mobile 6

Here is a Guide on How to upgrade a Toronado AKA Cingular Faraday 2125

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[GUIDE] Upgrading HTC Tornado to Windows Mobile 6

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My website is facing bandwidth issue, I am running super low on bandwidth due to the excessive number of people visitng my blog to read my guides. I hope that those who can afford to donate would donate whatever amount they want so that I can continue hosting the guides and updating it so that many other can enjoy WM6 without risking to brick their devices. To donate, please click here to pay via Paypal (Credit card accepted)

I have seen many people not understanding how to flash their HTC Tornado to the latest Windows Mobile 6. Hence, I will post a a step-by-step pictorial guide. Before I begin, I would like to stress that this upgrade is not an official release from HTC or their OEM partners. It is cooked by the developers from XDA-developers. You will also void your warranty for your device as you are fiddling with the ROM, if anything unexpected happens during the flashing process, you might end up with an expensive paper-weight and I am not going to be responsible for it. Credits to andot, phil, challhsu, duke_stix, vjgrace, EA, Nitrogenous, their anonymous source and lastly everyone who have made WM6 a reality for HTC Tornado.

So, let’s begin flashing. Remmember that you will lose all your important datas such as your contacts and SMS, you can backup your SMS using JeyoMobileExtender , it is a trial software, but enough for you to backup and transfer it back to your phone. The entire process must be done on a Windows XP system.

There are 13 steps involved

Step 1 – Preparation

Step 2 – Download Active Sync

Step 3 – Application Unlock

Step 4 – SuperCID – install cert.cab on phone

Step 5 – SuperCID – Patching the ROM

Step 6 – Disable USB Connection

Step 7 – Access the Bootloader

Step 8 – Format BINFS via TeraTermPro

Step 9 – Enable USB Connection

Step 10 – Running the GSM update

Step 11 – Running the OS update

Step 12 – Installing input method

Step 13 – Installing button fix 

Windows Mobile 6.1 for Tornado is coming soon (it’s actually in xda-developers, but due to the bugs, I think I will post it later)

Download these files first – If you have used Andot’s PEE ROM before this, please update to the latest ROM


WM6 English 5.2.1711.18165.0.5.0 (This is a much newer ROM, more stable and faster) – February 3, 2008 (Latest ROM by NitroGenious, but some bugs issue, newer OS Kernel, or you might want the previous stable WM6 English 5.2.1616.18120 Standard v3.7

Extras_Tornado – All softwares that work perfectly on Tornado

Windows Live Mobile 10.6.0033.0600 – must install to main memory

WM6PlatinumSP1.cab – Install this cab if you are using NitroGenious ROM to fix WMP/WM5torage issues 

Step 1 – Make sure you are using a HTC Tornado device, it is also known as Dopod 577w, Qtek 8310, Qtek 8300, Imate SP5, I-mate SP5m and Orange SPV C600. Ensure that your battery is charged up to at least 50% (80% recommended). A typical HTC Tornado Noble looks like this:-

Step 2 – Ensure you are using Microsoft Active Sync 4.5 or later. Connect your device via USB. If you are using Windows Vista, you do not need to install Active Sync, instead your PC comes with Windows Mobile Device Centre, if you are using Windows Vista, follow the guide here . However, your device must be SuperCID first (step 4), and SuperCID process must be done in Windows XP.

Step 3 – Ensure that your device is application unlocked, if you are unsure whether it is application unlocked or not, it does not harm to unlock it once again. Download SDA_ApplicationUnlock.zip. Then execute the exe file in it. You should see something like this. The purpose of running this application is to ensure that you can install any unsigned 3rd party application (which is the tool needed to SuperCID in the next step) . If your device is already application unlock, you can skip this step.

Step 4 – If your device is SuperCID, you can skip this step and proceed to Step 4, if you have no idea what is SuperCID, chances are your device are not. First, download SPV-Services which is the software you need to use to SuperCID. Extract it to a folder, let’s say on a desktop. You will see three files in it. Cert.cab , TyphoonNBFTools.dll and SPV-services.exe. Copy cert.cab to any location on your smartphone and install it.

Step 5 – Now run SPVServices.exe which was extracted in Step 3, you should see this. RAPI Init was successful means that your ROM is ready to be patched with 16 bytes of data to allow it to be flashed with any ROM, by clicking on Set CID, your warranty is void. *(If you cannot access spv-developers website or get Error 404, please refer to the bottom of this post)

Step 6 – Ok, now turn off your phone, remove the USB cable, and disable Active Sync USB connection. Open Microsoft Active Sync, click File -> Connection Settings -> Untick allow USB connection

So now that you got your device turned off, remove the USB cable.

Step 7 – Access the bootloader. Once the phone is turned off, hold the camera button and insert the USB cable after that. Wait till a 3 colour screen appears, this is your bootloader.

Altenatively, you can access the bootloader by holding the camera button and the communication manager and then turn on the phone.

After a second, comes the bootloader

Step 8- Download TeraTermPro , extract it to your desktop and run ttermpro.exe. Select USB

Then, type ‘info 2′ without the quotes. Then, hit Enter, this is what you will see

Notice the word HTCSuperCID, it means that your device is SuperCID and you can flash any ROM, even if its not meant for your device which could destroy your device. Next step is to type ‘format BINFS’ without the quotes, this will format the OS in your phone. Remmember to type Format BINFS and not Format only as that would wipe out your IPL and SPL which is your bootloader as well. If you do not see HTCSuperCID, it means that you did not SuperCID properly, repeat step 5. Once it is done, type ‘ResetDevice’

Step 9 – Now you are ready to flash your device. Enable back ActiveSync USB connection, refer to Step 5.

Step 10 – Now extract WM6GSMUpdate which you have downloaded earlier on and run RomUpgradeUtility, you should see this

Click "I understand . . ." and then click next, then click  "I completed the steps. . .". Hit next and it will verify your information. Then click Update and then watch as the meter moves on your device and your screen. Do not do anything silly now as your IPL, SPL and Radio are being patched now. Anything unexpected which happen could render your device useless. This process will be quite fast, around 1-2 minutes. Once it is done, it will reboot by itself and you will be returned to the bootloader.

Step 11 – Once you are back into the bootloader, extract the ROM which you have downloaded earlier and the rest is pretty much the same as step 9. Run ROMUpgradeUtility, you will see the same thing, click the same buttons and upgrade. But this time ,you are installing Windows Mobie 6. This process takes time, around 10 minutes will pause at 99%, just be patient. Once you are done, your device will reboot once again but this time, your device will be loading Windows Mobile 6.

Step 12 – Almost done, follow the setup instructions on your device, then install T9 English.cab (not needed in the latest ROM anymore) for english input, you can install other language, find them here . You can also install T9 Chinese which was created and packaged by I myself, ported from Dopod AKU2 ROM. It contains the neccesary font, just install and you are ready to text in Pinyin or Stroke

Step 13If you are using Dopod 577w, Qtek 8310, Orange SPV C600, I-mate SP5, you need to install this file to enable Contacts and Messaging button. If you are using Dopod 586w or Imate SP5M, you need to install this file.

To enable all other hardware keys such as the Communicate Manager, use this , just extract to /Windows

*Now in version 3.4, go to the settings, and there is a new hardware keys options, where every single shortcut keys can be configured without the use of a cab file, give it a try.

You are done, if you have any problem, you can proceed to the support forum at xda-developers. . Now you might want to install some free softwares found in the Extras folder which you have downloaded earlier on.

* If you cannot use SPV-Developers SuperCID tools, download this tool and use the alternative method. Then do the following.

- Keep your Tornado connected to ActiveSync.
- Extract it with WinRAR etc.
- Open the Lokiwiz.exe
- When you opend the Lokiwiz.exe you will get a black DOS screen with 4 options:
U. Unlock
L. Lock
C. Cid Unlock (SuperCID)
Q. Quit
Press C and then Enter. A few seconds later your phone is SuperCID…!!!

Thanks to Noxious Inc from XDA-Developers for the tips.

Enjoy Windows Mobile 6

Kar Hoe’s Blog – [GUIDE] Upgrading HTC Tornado to Windows Mobile 6

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